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Fishfood International offers a complete line of feed designed to provide optimum nutrition for horses, livestock, fishes and more.

We are a trading agent based in US, dealing with high quality animal feed across the nation.

Here, we have years of experience in the animal feed industry and we supply an extensive customer base including major manufacturers.

- Peanut Meal
- Sunflower Meal
- Safflower Meal
- Soy Meal
- Seafood and Kelp
- Fish Meal
- Corn, Seeds and Grains

At Fishfood Internatinal, we deliver superior nutrients to nourish animals every day. We provide the solution to enhance the life, health and growth of animals and fishes. Protein meals are used as a food supplement in stock feed rations for the following livestock used for their protein, fibre, amino acids and available energy in the way of residual fat/oil:

- Cattle
- Horses
- Pigs
- Poultry
- Fish
- Goat
- Donkey
- Sheep

Protein meal is the bi-product of the vegetable oil production process and remains after the oil has been extracted from the nut or seed. We have multiple networks within the fish feed and shrimp farm industries throghout the world.


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